Process & Services

Our goal here is to maintain purity, shelf life, freshness, and taste.

Read on to discover how Modern Agro surprises you with freshness...

The Freshest Produce

The first step in our promise towards delivering freshness starts off with the procurement of high quality and organic produce. Modern Agro employs efficient procurement agents who source products from reliable cultivators and farmers, thus ensuring the use of first grade seeds, the best harvest and maintaining control over the entire process of cultivation.

Retaining Freshness

At this stage, we further our commitment through pre-processing and preparation techniques. The Modern plant, a symphony of choreographed team processes, sees all members strive towards excellence. Cleaning, treatment, and preparation of raw produce are undertaken here, under the supervision of our in-house quality inspectors and officers. This helps eliminate the presence of harmful particles, foreign elements, and chemical pesticides.

Sealing in Freshness

At this stage, packaging of the prepared and treated produce is undertaken. Our warehouse, equipped with facilities for grading, sorting, pre-cooling, cold storage facilities, and storage of bulk quantities of produce ensures that the freshness levels remain intact. And, all of this is ensured under the experienced and trained eye of our trained packaging technicians and experts. To further serve our valued customers, we also offer customized packaging solutions. These solutions, come complete with quality packaging materials, damage-free delivery and in various different quantities.

Delivering Freshness

Our fresh produce reaches our customers’ dining table through an extensive transportation network. Equipped with refrigerated vans, we ensure freshness remains intact, no matter where our customers are.

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