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Does Modern Agro Foods ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally, and are equipped to meet all order sizes as per individual requirement.

Internationally, where does Modern Agro Foods ship to?

Internationally, we ship to Mauritius, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Holland, Bangladesh and Oman.

Are all Modern Agro Foods frozen?

Modern Agro Foods ships a range of frozen products across countries and ranges like:

A. Frozen Green Peas: Mauritius, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia.
B. Frozen Mix Vegetables: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius.
C. Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels: Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Dubai, Qatar, Holland, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Oman.
D. Frozen Corn on Cob: Dubai, Saudi Arabia.
E. Frozen Paneer Cubes: Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius.

Is Modern Agro Foods an ISO registered company?


Can I purchase products directly from Modern Agro Foods?

Yes, you can contact us directly through the Contact Us section on this website for any and all purchases.

How long do frozen foods last?

If properly refrigerated, they can last for up to one year.

Do Modern Agro Foods products taste better?

All our products are insecticide and chemical free and are packed with freshness, hence giving you the freshest produce.

Are all Modern Agro Foods frozen?

Except for paneer, which is refrigerated, all our products are frozen. This freezing seals and locks in freshness and therefore gives you the freshest product possible.

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